Markiplier Is Real



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    You've done it! You've discovered the truth that Markiplier is real after all! Also I'm done with my writing week so I'm back to making videos.
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Biblex the potato

      Lixian: He's not real, no matter what he says, NO MATTER WHAT HE MAKES YOU BELIEVE. He's not...

    2. Regdu Geht

      his eyes. Everyone, save urselves. We need to just stop. Forget this. FORGET.

    3. g7r.1 Editor


    4. Azwad Sifat


    5. ivan damianov

      When did say something about writing week, i'm confused????

      1. ivan damianov

        Aaaaa, I seeeeeeee, thx

      2. Regdu Geht

        He could rob a bank without a mask and convince the world he never even existed

    6. Jan Miguel Gozo

      Yup such enough evidence i believe you

    7. TheGooseKnight


    8. loafBread


    9. contraboi

      breaking news: markiplier is real

    10. GamingHQ

      "Markplier is real" haha best joke of 2021. What else ya gonna tell me? Dragons are real? cuz that's just as unlikely 😆

    11. Gayla Cantrell

      Waiiikttttt his door is never open he’s scar OF it opening himself is a fake

    12. Jerome Ting

      he had us at the first three out of four videos not gonna lie

    13. Chunkus Bunkus

      Oh no what the hell is dad doing to everyone

    14. Melody Little

      Nobody notice the lump with legs in the closet, aka a body, aka Lixian because he exposed Mark

    15. Andy Garcia

      Is he going to play the 2nd Dark Picture game called Little Hope?

    16. TheNateSter07

      Well that was a little less dramatic than expected

    17. DioVonKarma

      Mark was killed then replaced by his doppelganger

    18. sansgamer123 2

      Idk Lixan made it look an sound real

    19. M Campbell

      wait there is an earring in his LEFT ear. Gay people wear one earring in the left ear to show that they are gay. I am not saying that this is true I got this from a friend.

    20. Matthew Millar

      He could rob a bank without a mask and convince the world he never even existed

    21. Flamrrr YT

      What’s in the closet mark?

    22. ItsCloudiAgain

      u guys are gonna think i'm crazy but i think that's actually not markiplier..... its-- GUNDAM TANAKA

    23. Garrett K

      Eh... I'm not convinced

    24. LUM IR-VINE Moe

      hi mark fishbach im 8

    25. Allie Clark

      Please tell me you’re growing it out to donate🤞🏻

    26. Homar Alexander

      Is that what i need? A writing week?? Alright bye

    27. Platinum Cinnamon

      I see Keanu reeves

    28. Chef D Star

      He's beautifully real ;3 lol

    29. exotic_error

      why when I first saw him I thought of eren, I cant be the only one 👀

    30. Bargeist Gaming

      Is... Markiplier slowly morphing into Keanu Reeves?

    31. reactivat3d

      Markiplier was always real.

    32. TheAileZX2

      Don't let him fool you! :o

    33. Dylan Sanders

      If you think about it he was talking about an unknown project after a Heist with markiplier

    34. hammerheadboiog skits,plushies,stuff

      Markiplier is real me: well no crap

    35. Minecraft Platinum Fireworks

      *iitz been* _one week_

    36. Ugly boy Gaming

      Then what was the point

    37. laskin riubn

      So basically he's Schrödinger's mark

    38. Bina T


    39. evilweener

      you got big ears mark

    40. Demon king the gamer

      Im not trying to hate but I mean I like the content but this "scare" videos or whatever it gets hella annoying and again I'm not trying to hate I'm a fan

      1. laskin riubn


    41. Always Happie

      thats something a non existent person would say

    42. Thomas Baron

      I usually just sit back and watch I rarely if ever at all comment But I have to ask... What?

    43. *Your Average Sally Face Simp*


    44. xwingxriddenxangel

      looks like he has less hair now

    45. Little Treble Adriana

      hmm, still don't think he's real. might need more proof first

    46. Bwinner Life


    47. Emanuel Näslund

      Why does Mark look sexier with long hair than short?

    48. Maddie Oertli


    49. Leo Cipponeri

      is he real is he not real

    50. mrrcjunk1

      I know this was his writing week and they did a good job, but how much weirder would it be if regular videos kept popping up on the channel and lixian "hid" messages in them for the fans. After a little time we get these videos saying Markiplier is real and they don't know what lixian is doin but more of these snippits keep coming through about how mark isn't real? Just thought that's be cool

    51. blu Madness

      thank you for the update!

    52. Eh

      Who is markiplier?

    53. Lemon Studios


    54. Valinja

      Plot twist:Lunky is in the closet.

    55. Naomi ironstand


    56. Conner Pandorf

      Plot Twist. He's Fake.

    57. Heniek Gaw

      "I'm real after all... *or am i* ? [vsauce music plays]

    58. swiftraven2346

      What was that black thing in the bathroom that looked suspiciously like a duffle bag

    59. Olivia Ensor

      I don’t believe you! I will only believe once Chica posts the truth! I now she won’t lie for she is a pawlice doge with integrity ( as long as you pay her steak fee for being in the video).

    60. Little Doof

      What’s that behind the door?

    61. Exodus Noctus

      Ahhhh but dadbot said you aren't real!

    62. Classic SonicPlays

      The king’s back...

    63. Yum Butterfly

      Isn't weird that kubz scouts also watched this

    64. Omar Martínez Angeles

      -In 2077 what makes someone a criminal? ... Getting cock

    65. Caitlyn

      I don't know how to describe it but his voice is just 👌, like he would be great at reading audio books

    66. Crocmon

      The cut of "One Week" almost knocked me off my chair.

    67. Galzar

      Is he real though? Are any of us real? What is reality

    68. _KosplayerKyle _

      I'm glad you're real, because I can't handle more decoding and puzzles.

    69. Foxy- 101


    70. サリナーー


    71. //lilac petrichor\\


    72. soulblex

      Heres my theory he making another youtube movie thing the plot no one knows but my guess is that annus aka markipiler has tooken control of reals markipilers channel just a theory btw

    73. Jaume Fuster Serquera

      Looks like a 3d render

    74. Kallikat

      Where is he going with this..?

    75. Joy K.H

      ...when will Matpat cover this?

    76. Neta Li Bar-Sadeh

      look, i don't care if mark is real, not real, three woodchucks in a trench coat or secretly a pigeon wearing a wig - i like his content. and that's that.

    77. Nisso the wither skeleton

      Wait WHAT HES Real!!? İ CANT believe it!!! Booogie boogie moment!!!

    78. Dhruv raj


    79. Ivan Verkhovetsky

      its not markiplier, its keanu reeves

    80. GameA Saurus


    81. Andrei Romero

      Yessss ohhhhhhhhh

    82. OhHey I'mJulez

      you guys i think i see someone in the closet tied up on the ground...

    83. Chri Elise

      Everyone: tHeRe iS a bOdy Me: ... The small lump with a little dongle? That's a human shape???

    84. Denis Womack

      My favorite movie is smosh

    85. Melinda Satz

      YAY) mark is back(did I say YAY wrong🤔😪)

    86. Keith Arlet Kaminari

      Asahi is that you????? O. O

    87. Nemo Pouncey

      guess mark realized the thing he was building up to wasn't getting nowhere so he gave up on it. wish i would have saw where this was leading to. oh well.

    88. Morgynn Venters

      Counter Argument: Markiplier is really Duckiplier in evolved form and the only reason we all believe him is cause of his charisma

    89. Nemo Pouncey

      mark i thought you said you wouldn't leave the door open you promised.

    90. Ollphéist Dobharrach

      Am I the only one that saw the body in the background

    91. Artie Rupinen

      WHAT A TWIST!!!!!!!! I-I think...... What the fuck?

    92. witchythings x

      listen besides the is he real or not thing the "it's been one week" at the very end made me snort so bad.

    93. Mystical Keyblade

      Are you in a bad place?

    94. Chuchulu HD

      He is... FAKE

    95. Maja Trstenjak

      tell me why he looks like eren but with a beard

    96. This is some kinda D&D shit

      Film/Game theory is gonna have a field day on this

    97. Mr Moss Boss

      Me: stops watching mark for a month also me: *comes back* woah he needs a haircut

    98. Emma Berntsson

      Oh, how lucky you scared us all

    99. Diego Cordero

      Mark: u good? Lixian: no