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  1. Mia Marcum

    Mark.... buddddyyyyy...... we need more minecraft. I’m stuck watching old minecraft videos 😂

  2. William Tiberio

    whos seeing this 6 years later

  3. Bacon Boi

    "with your hands against my.... helies"

  4. xwingxriddenxangel

    looks like he has less hair now

  5. John the Awesome Greninja

    Who else was waiting for the Sneeze-

  6. Bryce Caplan

    Day 26 of reposting this until Mark sees. Hey Mark, I just wanted to let you, Ethan, and Amy know how much your work touched the lives of some lurkers on USfilm. At the end of Unus Annus, I proposed to my now fiancee. We had watched from the first day and were there at the last moments. I took to heart the meaning of making every moment count, and every moment does when I'm with her. I made a twitter just to get the video up and it would mean the world to us just for you guys to see it. I'm @BryceCaplan. I also uploaded it to my youtube channel. Whichever works best for you. To everyone else, if you want Mark to see this, please comment asking him to look for this comment on each video. I comment on all of Mark's videos, but I usually get to it a few hours after they've been uploaded

  7. One_Eyed_Ghoul

    I just gotta say I love this duo.

  8. Sabine

    I'm so grateful for all the ads coming in between They really save me from feeling like this game is reality

  9. Aziz_TunisianPlayer Plays


  10. Turbo Last Name

    Was that a HomeStar runner reference?

  11. Tu Uc

    Bro it’s been 6 years not 5 ожашалпдсдсрдллпщжжхэлмжрпол

  12. Exotic Ernie

    I was excited when this first came out he never made a part two

  13. Lou Lou

    "When you do Unus Annus you get perks from father time"

  14. VGhouls


  15. IMO -S4

    Lixian killed lunky yesssss

  16. Eli N


  17. Caleb Zgonina

    Little does he know that you can get Pizza Hut in Iraq

  18. game tgm1234

    Prank dogs

  19. SenterSen

    It was nice being a member. I must go now. Buh-bye!

  20. Grapey Fox

    The thumbnail is creepy

  21. L L

    i noticed after mark bought the vpn lvl2 which gives 99% protection from hacks tht percentage values are either wrong or the game works on probability values instead

  22. Haydenwasclutched

    Mark: do i look like the kinda guy who needs a tutorial?” “Minecraft flashbacks”

  23. Erik Roda

    4:16 this child does not fear death, he fully accepts the consiquences of being shot and there fore understands the fact his life will end in a matter of se- *realizes the gun's fake* Kid: Well that was over exadurated

  24. Shadowzツ

    Guess im the only one in 2021 For now...

  25. Nerts YT

    8:47 the sketchiness on the women 🥶🥶

  26. JAYCOOLROCK727 AKA JayThaNerd

    I think his editor is becoming more aware to humans

  27. Q U A N T U M

    Oh god, they remade this game and now the bulges are in 3 D.

  28. Pluto

    Haha dabbin lixian go brr

  29. Animal Rescue

    Freddy ready beddy

  30. Mystical Mayhem

    Can you play “At Dead Of Night” 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. Arson._.GachaTuber

    Lixian Is my favorite thing/person Mark knows.

  32. presidentof Poggers

    im sorry but is logan ok mans is having a seizure more then jack 😃😃

  33. miles_witha_ y

    6:28 :complains about the word mc in front of everything 10:19 : Hopes that the napkins say McDonalds on them

  34. GhostRider2224

    187k dislikes, 734 dislikes. Damn that ratio

  35. Adrian Foulk


  36. GothpunkstarXoXo

    Never realized how Short Mark is lol

  37. Slasher Plays

    Didn't know markiplier had a google IRL

  38. _ Saltii


  39. Eddy Santiago

    3:49 the harmonizing music 😌

  40. JustalittleTurtle

    Mark gives me this Patrick Warburton vibe and I don’t know why...

  41. philster phildill

    oh oh oh merry Christmas

  42. King of Philly Sports

    But I do but I don’t but I do but I don’t but I do but I don’t but I do but I dont

  43. King of Philly Sports

    Last night I received a bike

  44. hewho the channel

    tony animatronics, and the poolpit

  45. Steven Steiger

    This is so cute

  46. Caleb B

    I WAS DYING, my chest hurts so bad now, and i couldnt breath🤣🤣 7:31

  47. Kjon 147

    0:42 --- 0:55 are you sure you aren't in this game mark because that one guy sounds an awful lot like you. Kind of sounds like you if the developers of outlast offered you a chance to be a part of the game and you just got so excited you immediately started acting out like one of those asylum patients.

  48. IMA unlucky

    O N I O N S

  49. swat with mk3

    Hey Mark, please play Observation next, it's the spiritual successor to Stories Untold and I found it pretty good as well.

  50. Sebastian Michaelis :D

    ok but why is marks name BUMBUM why is marks name BUMBUM why, why is marks name *BUMBUM*

  51. Kalo Redcorvid

    1:13:19 I was born at 26 weeks, my mom calls me her "miracle baby", my grandma had a sister, she was born too early and she didn't make it, I don't even know her name, but every time I think of my great aunt, I feel lucky, because I made it

  52. FizzyBizzy

    Mark: It’s not..... bad, but it tastes wrong Mark a few seconds later: Well, that one was bad

  53. Eli macabre

    2 years later and the Boobaas one still gets me XD

  54. Little Treble Adriana

    hmm, still don't think he's real. might need more proof first

  55. Melon Man

    After listening to "Fly like a butterfly" this will never be the same.

  56. Majestic Avocado

    this video continues to make me uncomfortable

  57. k I


  58. Liltle

    wait 9 bucks? I bought the trilogy for 3 bucks lol

    1. Liltle

      *trinity not trilogy

  59. James Jeffrey’s

    Moments like those in this video are why I watch Mark, love their interactions way too much

  60. philster phildill

    who's going to be your dream

  61. KawaiiPrincessYT

    mark, ik you love the games called *golf with friend* and *golf around* theres a game in roblox called *super golf* you should try it with bob and wade ;D

  62. Fletcher Carrigan

    Can mark stop blaming his audience for literally everything, and he screwed himself over.

  63. Bryn Duffy

    if you left the game running for a year would it say you had one year less?

  64. Luna_Møøn!!

    I'm going full screen for all of these vids

  65. ZondaFRoadster

    22:11 had me laughing so hard, I basically copied Mark

  66. philster phildill


  67. chris

    uh why does fnaf have limited power because like in real life i would say fuck your saveing power shit and just use the power to shut the doors for the night

  68. Robotcop supreme

    Markiplier is still not real

  69. Ashlyn Summers!

    I love how right when Mark said “this is a bunch of bull” I get a notification that my teacher put in 0’s for every assignment this semester until we actually turn in the assignments. And I agree. This is a bunch of bull.

  70. aleisha rasool


  71. ItsAllMeStudio’s

    Mark: Five Nights at Freddys is Over Scott: I'm about to make your life so much harder

  72. Tori. Rey

    They started playing this song back in 2018 at a school festival. I may or may not have requested the song

  73. robojelly

    Mark: World brightest flashlight..... Those who watched hacksmith: World brightest flashlight.... Yes

  74. That one fuxshi around the internet

    Just saving these for myself 0:20 - 0:33 1:46 - 4:05 5:05 8:12 10:20 12:49 13:39 14:25 17:18 18:23 18:52 19:30 - 21:38 22:02 22:50 - 24:07 24:28

  75. Imnothappyimgay

    Bro 22:15 gave me a heart attack😭

  76. Stallone

    @5:36 - sinep ?

  77. Chris

    Mark:“I like this one it’s cute” Me:😎🤏🏾😅🕶🤏🏾isn’t that yuno gasai? Uh oh

  78. Bravo 6

    Chicken chunks sounds pretty good

  79. sabrinaisaloser :}

    jack defo was felling him self